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Appliance Repair Edmonton Home Appliance Installation and Repair

With expert and friendly workers, we have all of your appliance installation and repair needs covered.

  • We service all major brands.
  • We offer a free estimate before we start our work.
  • Our company charge by the job not by the hour.
  • Prompt Expert Service.

We know how it is inconvenient for every household without appliances to use at the right time. Upon receiving your call, our appliance installation specialist will take it in the record to keep it on track so that we will not miss an appointment. Hence, on the day of our appointment, we will call you that we are on our way to your home. And we have the complete materials and equipment for installation and repair whatever you need. Our expert has all the knowledge on all kitchen appliance installation service and repair that finish at the right time.

We take pride in our expert technicians who honestly, diligently, and on time with experience in all appliance repair. That is why our company is the local appliance installation and repair by all the community of the province of Edmonton. Contact us and we are happy to serve and meet all your needs with satisfaction on both parts.

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