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The Edmonton local appliance repair shops since 2002 giving appliance repair service both home and business area. Thus, the company is a team of trusted and experienced workers. With over 17-years of experience and knowledge to handle all maintenance jobs. Our goal is to keep customer service and long-lasting relationships. Whatever your issues on your appliances we are your trusted company.


Commercial Appliance repair

We expert in business appliance repair. As business owners, we understand the importance of working tools and resources. We have a fair estimate price for every project. Hence, our expert and knowledge workers know how to repair your appliance without risking a day of no work.

Dryer Repair

Our workers have experience and expert skill to handle repairs for all types of dryers and major brands. Whatever the problem, you can trust us to handle it with expert and attention to detail. Hence, we surely get your dryer back up and running in no time and your family's daily routine back in order. Just a call to our company you will get the reliable dryer repair and dry clothes.

Home Appliance Installation and Repair

We are proud to serve all homes in Edmonton whatever kind of appliance you have. That is in trouble we are your expert to call and ready to fix. Even after office hour, we are ready to install or repair your home appliances. Thus, Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Also, we promise to complete our work on time without leaving a mess behind.

Garbage Disposal Repair

There is a big problem if the garbage disposal it creates a huge nuisance. Hence, the drain on the sink will not work properly and you may incur backflow. The option is plumbing repair for clogged garbage disposal. Thus, we are your garbage disposal and dishwasher repair in a hurry. We are your trusted appliance troubleshooting and repairs company.


If you are looking for an appliance repair service in Edmonton, Alberta does not look further. We at Appliance Repair Edmonton is your local appliance repair shops that you will surely trust. Our company has more than tens of thousands of satisfied customer. We are proud to be an appliance troubleshooting and repair company. With different kinds of appliances, we can repair and even install by our expert workers. We focus to serve both homes and business area that deserve to have quick and efficient service. Our company starts in 2002 with a goal to give honest and efficient work.

With only 5 employees the company starts to have a house to house service with only minor repair. After attending some training and workshop we able to increase our knowledge and skills to be able to serve all kinds of repairs both home and business area. The company has now 40 expert and skillful employees. We are also proud of our employees because of their dedication our company receives recognition from the highest leaders of the industry. As long as there are home and business who needs our service we will keep on giving our best.


To give the complete service in home and business appliances to repair and install. Hence, with our goal of customer satisfaction, we hire an employee with a wide understanding of servicing people. Thus, able to grow in their job and to have a good relationship with our customers. We and our employees are ready for any potential for some issues that will occur. They are ready without doubt to face whatever problem may happen.


To be the number one and complete appliance repair service company in Edmonton and in near the surrounding cities of Alberta. With the latest equipment in all kinds of repair, we will deliver the best repair service both in home and business area.



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